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I hear a voice whispering in my ear.

I feel the pull drawing me near.

It is Nature calling for all to yield,

Calling for Man to heal.


FullSizeRender 19

Some call it escapism, I call it clarity.  I need to be surrounded by nature to feel whole and free. Nature calms and soothes, inspires and nurtures the soul.

When we established our home years ago, it was imperative that we live close to nature.  I love our little town reminiscent of that New England charm, surrounded by forests and fields, edged by rivers.

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I need nature to heal, to create and to be at peace.  When I enter the forest, I become part of a  whole, of the mystical beauty of life.


Wild geese
In the hustle and bustle of modern day living, we lose ourselves in concrete jungles smothered in noxious gases, where self-inflicted races and deadlines are fuelled by stress, frustration and adrenaline.


Time is of essence, and it ticks on relentlessly.

What will you make of the time that is given to you? How will you chose to spend the precious hours of your life?

Nature calls.  Listen.

Embrace the cradle of life.  Return to nature, for nature awaits with open arms.

“Life” (Elder Futhark runes)

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