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I love music.

Music involves the brain as a whole, helping in the learning of skills and languages, improving memory and defining the focus of attention (

I’ll add that music stirs creative juices, guides meditation and allows for the listener to experience a higher state of self, both spiritually and creatively.

My friend Herrin ( composes beautiful meditative pieces, perfect for introspection and relaxation.  He describes music as “a teleportation device for the soul”. I couldn’t agree more.

A tune (like a taste or a smell) can conjure a memory, no matter how obsolete the remembering may be.

The Mozart Effect is all about heightening cognition while listening to  music deemed enjoyable on a personal level.

Music sets the tone for my plotting and writing, varying from Norse folk music to Heavy Metal, from classical to pop. I seek to recreate the emotions brought forth by experiencing  different musical genres. To me, music is felt as a shift in mood, a visceral  emotion, a colorful visual conjuring, movement and a connection to a higher consciousness. (I suspect a streak of Synesthesia is at work here.)

In this post, I share with you the soundscape that shapes my writing. Perhaps you will discover a new sound that will appeal to you. I have created  playlists on Spotify, for your listening pleasure. Check it out.

The Tea Party

FullSizeRender 17
Jeff Burrows (left), Stuart Chatwood (center) and Jeff Martin (right)

The Tea Party is a progressive rock band with strong blues, Indian and Middle-Eastern influences.  Any  diehard fans will say the group is (undeniably) the most underrated band of our generation. Fiona Long enthusiastically runs a fan page on Facebook, check it out.

The Tea Party is comprised of 3 members, although they often sound like a full orchestra at work.  Their lyrical texts, penned by the talented Jeff Martin, document the struggles and upheavals of the human mind and heart. This band is definitely NOT your radio-friendly-flavor-of-the-day-pop-rock band. They delve into the mysticism of the occult, philosophy and theosophy to describe the aches at the core of the human psyche.

The Tea Party has had my heart and soul for the last 20 years.  I look to their mesmerizing soundscape for story themes, tone and character inner struggles.

A sampling of their sound can be found here.

Notable favorites are:

  • Psychopomp
  • Sister Awake
  • Samsara



FullSizeRender 17 copy

Wardruna is a Norwegian folk band providing listeners with an immersive experience blending sounds of nature, myths and poetry. Their music has been featured countless times on the History Channel’s Vikings series.

Wardruna provides  inspiration for settings and backdrops; much like a speculative visit to the Viking Age. A sampling of their sound can be found here.



Notable favorites are:

  • Hagal
  • Heimta Thurs
  • Løyndomsriss


Other notable sources for inspiration in characterizing  protagonists, their vulnerabilities and resolve:

Coldplay, Chvrches, Muse. Check out the playlists.

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