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While working on some edits over the past weeks, I’ve gathered a few reflections based on  the writer’s life.

Perhaps some of you will relate, others may not.

In the case that you do relate, let’s have a laugh.

#YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen you get up at night to edit a passage you wrote 5 hours ago.

#YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen you put shoes on the dog, pack an ice pack but no lunch and argue out loud with your characters.

#YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen when people are worried about the glazed look in your eyes.

#YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen you start brooding when you skip a day of writing.

#YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen you write, rewrite, re-rewrite, edit, re-edit, re-re-edit, proofread. Still…

#YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen meditating is as much part of writing as putting words on paper.

#YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen conveying the right words feels like baring your soul.

#YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen plot lines come as revelations at the oddest moments.

#YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen a simple walk in the forest becomes the setting of your next scene.

#YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen a feeling, an image or a song transforms into chapters of lust, action, magic or deceit.

#YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen words strung together turn into emotions.

#awriting   #writerslife

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