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#YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen… Part 2

So, here I am, laboring through my second round of editing. Life is good as I am nitpicking through the finer details of my manuscript. 

But I can’t help thinking that…

#YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen the same passage can be at once the best and the worse prose you’ve ever written. (depending on your mood at the time of revision)

#YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen the gloves come off in your fight against adverbs #writingisrewriting (the road to hell is paved with adverbs, according to Stephen King…)

#YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen you write-delete-write-delete-write-delete to finally plug in that perfect word. 

#YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen you’d rather hang out with your characters then sit with the impromptu visitors in your living room. 

#YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen you edit your text messages before pressing send.

#YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen you bend and twist the same sentence over and again to write a better one. 

#YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen you get excited over discovering a new word and its meaning(s). 

#YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen you get a buzz sniffing that new book smell. 

#YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen you read a book with pencil, highlighter and post-it in hand. 

#YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen the concept of instant gratification is mere fantasy.

How about you? What’s it like for you?

6 thoughts on “#YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen… Part 2

  1. Hi, I am a bit confused I was interested in the Viking Sailing Ship that is headed to North America.

    Are you doing more than one Blog?

    Please put me back on the Drackenamerica post.

    Thank you, Barbara



    1. Hello Barbara,
      this blog covers a variety of topics, including the Draken sailing to America. There will be another blogpost about it in the coming week. In the meantime, other posts may cover other topics. If you are on the blog’s mailing list, I believe you receive notification of new blogposts and hence you can decide to consult the topics that interest you most. Thank you for following the Draken’s fantastic expedition. The next post on the longship will cover its time in Greenland, navigation through Labrador waters and its arrival in Canada.
      Warm regards,


  2. I particularly like the first one. This happens to me so often. As for adverbs, I agree that overuse is definitely not a good idea, but I’m not sure I’d advocate avoiding use of them altogether – although I know that many authors view them in the same way as Stephen King. The rest of your points I can readily identify with. Who needs visitors when the urge to write grabs hold? Lol.
    Is this your first book you’re editing, or have you already some published? Just curious… I imagine it’s fantasy? Hope it’s all going well, and you’ve bolted all your doors and hauled up the drawbridge – just so visitors get the message and stay away. 😀


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