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The Power to Choose

I am a mother of 3 kids under 7, a healthcare provider, co-owner of a practice, and a writer.
Now there are just 24 hours in a day, a meager pie to be split too many ways. Between household, family and professional obligations, time flies.
If we are alike, blessed or cursed with a creative streak, you will agree that the beast purring within has to be given the opportunity to run wild and roar from time to time (everyday), unless you are ready to pay the price for ignoring it.
I consider myself to have 3 roles:
Mother (wife/sister/daughter/friend)
Healthcare provider

Those roles intermingle in a tug of war, each pulling in opposite directions. So much to do, so much to learn, so much to create, so much to perform—and only 24 measly hours to do so. Every day. Don’t forget: you’ve got to eat and squeeze in some sleep at some point.
In order to keep the Beast Within somewhat content ( don’t tell my Muse I call her that), something’s got to give.
For any goal you set to reach, you must ask yourself:
How much do I want this?
Why do I want this?
What am I willing to sacrifice to reach my goal?
What am I willing to invest to get there?
What makes you get up in the morning and gets you going? (Aside from that blasting alarm going off?)

For me, it comes down to one word: Passion.
Your life is yours to mold and shape as you please. I teach my kids that you are not a pawn in life. No matter what adversity you face, you always have the freedom to choose—whether it be in the actions you take, the decisions you make or the mindset you adopt. You can and must choose for yourself what you feel is the best thing for yourself, for others and the greater good.

If you believe yourself capable of reaching a goal, you are right.
If you believe yourself incapable of reaching that same goal, you’re also right.
In both instances, you choose to succeed or fail. In both instances, your actions and mindset are under your command.
The only thing that can shift a failure into success is yet another choice you make: Perseverance.

Don’t give up on your dreams, turn them into goals.

And transform those goals into achievements you will be proud of.

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2 thoughts on “The Power to Choose

  1. Hi, May. What a thought-provoking post, and I totally agree with what you say. I am a mother of six and was a full-time teacher until I retired. Unfortunately, my aspirations to write were put on a back burner until I did eventually retire: rather late in life to embark on a writing career. But, putting the family first was my own choice, and I did get plenty of writing practice in with all the class plays and assemblies I had to do! (Lol) Not quite the novel, though. Thanks for the interesting post. 🙂

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