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Art for Art’s Sake

I have recently added a new page on my blog, a page dedicated to art and other passions of mine. Here, I have included a taste of the genre. Please visit the link, or click on the page entitled Art for more.

What do these images evoke in you?


Le Dieu Terrible des Écrivains | May K. Hella

Architect of my mind,

Companion of my nights,

Holder of wisdom

And bearer of truths,

You will forever be by my side,

Whispering in my ear,

Fuelling my dreams,

And sparking the flame that ignites

My soul from within.

Secrets of the Runes | May K. Hella




Harbingers of change

Keepers of secrets.

Hallowed mystery engraved within stones,

Veiled revelations

That confer no right,

Nor wrong.

Odin’s eye may see what

Freyja’s lips may speak;

Reveal what Frigg, in her wisdom, may keep.




Unfold your secrets,

Speak of dreams,

Say no evil,

But hold promises of hope.

Secrets of the Soul | May K. Hella

The secrets of self

do not lie within the realm of

The unknown,

But rest,


Within the shadowy depths of the mind.

Listen to the flutters

Of your soul’s heart,

Abated and undermined by

Reality’s lashing hand.

Listen, and you will find

What you so desperately seek.


And you will find yourself.

Please grace me with your presence by visiting my Art page.

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