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Misty Forest Walk

Nature was blanketed in a thick fog this morning.  There was little I could do to resist the urge to escape in the forest in search of fairies and dragons.

So on I went, iPhone in hand (where else?).

Early fall in eastern Canada is beautiful.  Mornings are crips, and sometimes frigid, yet afternoons are warm and deceitful.  There is no stopping the wheel now; winter is coming, but not before the setting the world on fire.

The leaves have not yet turned, or fallen, and their hue no longer bear the deep green of summer.

Luscious moss | May K. Hella


Water is not only the cradle of life, it is also its essence. I love to sit by the shore and let nature hold me in its soothing embrace.


(music by Half-Moon Run)


As I contemplate nature, my eyes catch glimpses of runes etched in the landscape.

When trained to look for patterns, the mind never relents. And so I find myself looking for the ancient, organic writing of runes.


Can you see the similitudes?


Impressive what trickery the mind will see, isn’t ?



All in all, nature heals, nature calls. Nature is the beginning and the end. It saw us become, it will see us leave. Care for the Mother of all, care for the Earth and all.


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