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On Quantum Physics, the Higher Self and Runes.

Quantum physics explains the behavior of matter and energy at the atomic and subatomic levels. Matter—objects, you and I—are at once an aggregation of particles (electrons, protons and neutrons) and, according to Quantum Physics, we are also defined as an array of waves (much like sunlight or sound).


Quantum physics and the human mind

Disjunction effect

One cannot simultaneously think of 2 things at once, and one’s subjective answer to a question is related to the order into which the questions line up.

Q: “Would you consider yourself to be happy?”

A: “Yes.”


Q: “When was the last time you went on a date?”

Later followed by…

 Q: “Would you consider yourself to be happy?”

Although the same question is asked, the answer may not be a resounding “yes”. Why?

Quantum Physics establishes behavioral models used in Psychology to explain behaviors that deviate from non-classical reasoning.

QP hypothesizes that thoughts are linked to brain waves (The Atlantic), picked up  by people around you. Thoughts can be “perceived” by someone next to you, or conversely, “cancelled out” depending on the wavelengths and amplitudes of the broadcasted message and the recipient’s own brain activity.

Controversial, right?

Most of our thinking occurs on an unconscious level where logic is less restrictive. Yet, the mathematical language of Quantum Theory happens to match the description of human decision-making. (New scientist)

The illogical mind is closest to understand the quirks of the quantum world.


QP is built on uncertainties and rules without analogues, in day-to-day life (what makes sense on a quantum level does not on the larger scale of our tangible world.)

For example:

The set of keys you just placed on the counter cannot simultaneously be on the counter and in your purse. You, yourself, know they are on counter—you just put them there.

Yet, at the quantum level, an electron can be on the counter and in your purse, at once. Quantum Physics explains that 2 things can be in 2 different places at once, and what makes the object appear here, or there, depends on the OBSERVER. You may observe the electron on the counter, but it is not to say it isn’t in the purse as well, at the same time.

Interestingly enough, the newborn mind understands this concept without questioning it.

The Peek-a-Boo effect

peek-a-booInfants, up until the age of 3 months, will assume that you do not exist when you cover your face with your hands. Your face disappears, you disappear, although the rest of your body is present and visible to them. The young mind sees you are present and yet, understands that you are gone. For an instant, you are in 2 places at once: present AND simultaneously absent.


The Power of the Observer

The observer in  QP determines the outcome simply by observing. This is made famous by the iconic Schrödinger’s cat experiment. Until you observe an outcome, it has the potential of being multiple things at once.

Mind bender, right?


The Mind’s Effect on the Environment and Self

Perhaps you ever heard the saying, “You can do anything for 60 seconds.”

This is what my trainer tells me when I’m about to give up on my first round of burpies. In doing so, she is drawing on the power of my will—or, my willpower.

With willpower men and women have accomplished feats worthy of world records; some have survived in extreme conditions, defying logic and the odds. One may be inclined to call theses cases miraculous, relying on divine interventions. And perhaps they are.

But what if they are not the work of god or gods

What if the inner-self, the Higher-Self, is what provided them with the strength and power to do just about anything?

The mind is our single most powerful ally—or foe, for that matter.

Men have raised nations and empires with the strength of their wills.

Men have lost their lives in the battle against the darkness in their soul.

When you are faced with a problem, your mind has an intuitive knowledge about how to solve it, despite having never been faced with the challenge before. The solution may be counter logical and taps into the quantum mind in doing so. 

Change the way you look at your environment, tap into your intuitive inner self, seek your inner-oracle and discover that the problems you face are rectified by solutions you harbor within yourself. Runes allow us to draw upon our Higher-Self and show us what knowledge already resides within ourselves, much like holding a mirror for us to view our thoughts with perspective and detachment.

The critical mind can extract an understanding of something that until then held much confusion.


If everything is indeed connected there are no boundaries between ourselves, the divine and the universe at large. Knowledge is infinite, and so are we. May we have the wisdom to discover this about ourselves, and the patience to learn on the incredible journey of our lives.


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