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The Modern Day Viking Spirit

Vikings were bold.

They believed in fate. The Norns, the Three Sisters of Fate, spun the threads of life for each living being in the Nine Worlds, and no greater failure existed than dying in one’s bed, or of old age.

The idea of persistently pushing the limits of their abilities, of tempting chance, and testing the odds came with knowing that no matter the outcome, victory and failure were in the hands of gods.

How can we push ourselves and emulate this Viking way of thinking?  Generations of men and women accomplished incredible feats; they traveled to foreign lands beyond the Atlantic, some 500 years before Christopher Columbus; they made whole empires tremble with fear at the sight of the ships; though the perfusion of Old Norse into Old English, Vikings were catalysts into establishing what would one day be Modern English.

You know more Norse than you think.

How can we honour our ancestors’ urgency to survive in a world when even the slightest injury could have fatal consequences?

Our modern world is made easier with the advancement of technology. The access to clean water and nutritious food has been easy over the past century, yet, we as individuals have grown weaker.

Physically weaker that is, because of our modern sedentary living.

I decided to address this issue in a vlog. I look into ways to honour our ancestors by challenging ourselves to be better beings. By being more daring, bolder, and healthier.

How will you express your inner, modern Viking?

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