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The Modern Day Viking Spirit

Vikings were bold. They believed in fate. The Norns, the Three Sisters of Fate, spun the threads of life for each living being in the Nine Worlds, and no greater failure existed than dying in one’s bed, or of old age. The idea of persistently pushing the limits of their abilities, of tempting chance, and… Continue reading The Modern Day Viking Spirit

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Mornings are for Tea, Nature Walks, and Contemplation.

I finally get time to myself, and this is how I celebrate. Nature is the best catalyst for meditation and contemplation. How do you connect with nature? Stranger Things’ Sheriff Hopper says, “Mornings are for coffee and contemplation.” I say, tea and nature walks:)  

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Diet and Dental Health in the Viking Age circa 900 CE

Diet and Dental Health in the Viking Age circa 900 CE Or Vikings: Raiding and Farming with Bad Breath    The Canadian Museum of History is hosting an exhibit on Vikings, with the collaboration of Gunnar Anderson, Senior Curator at The Swedish History Museum, in Stockholm. With over 500 artifacts on display, ranging from jewels,… Continue reading Diet and Dental Health in the Viking Age circa 900 CE