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Thank You

Wow! A heartfelt thank you to K@countingpenniesandsheep who runs a wonderful blog on dealing with anxiety and depression  at the black wall blog for nominating me for the Liebster award. What a great way to help one another get discovered. Most running blogs dedicate much of their time, love and energy into their posts, and for this, I would like… Continue reading Thank You

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#YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen… Part 2

So, here I am, laboring through my second round of editing. Life is good as I am nitpicking through the finer details of my manuscript.  But I can’t help thinking that… #YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen the same passage can be at once the best and the worse prose you’ve ever written. (depending on your mood at the time… Continue reading #YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen… Part 2

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While working on some edits over the past weeks, I’ve gathered a few reflections based on  the writer’s life. Perhaps some of you will relate, others may not. In the case that you do relate, let’s have a laugh. #YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen you get up at night to edit a passage you wrote 5 hours ago. #YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen you put shoes… Continue reading #YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen

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Diet and Dental Health in the Viking Age circa 900 CE

Diet and Dental Health in the Viking Age circa 900 CE Or Vikings: Raiding and Farming with Bad Breath    The Canadian Museum of History is hosting an exhibit on Vikings, with the collaboration of Gunnar Anderson, Senior Curator at The Swedish History Museum, in Stockholm. With over 500 artifacts on display, ranging from jewels,… Continue reading Diet and Dental Health in the Viking Age circa 900 CE