This page is dedicated to my love of the arts in its various forms. I enjoy expressing myself through different mediums, one being photography.

In this section you will find a collection of visual art that I designed, or that have inspired me.

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Tormented Whispers | May K. Hella

Tormented Whispers

Deep is the sorrow that draws all in its wake.

Lifeless is the air that smothers me in its dark embrace.

Cool is the breath that curls along my spine.

Dead is the hearth that remains without flame.

Can you hear, my love, my heart whispering your name

Across the unfathomable depths of the dismal abyss that separates us?

Long have I desired to hear the thread of your footsteps near me,

Come to close the gap of eternity.

Beyond time and beyond age,

You will forever remain, my dear,

Locked in my heart’s loving embrace.

Fear, Aversion & Afternoon Tea | May K. Hella

“The abnormal always excites aversion, distrust and fear.”

H.P. Lovecraft





Fresh Blooms | May K. Hella

I buried my faith in a bouquet of hope,

Titillating my senses with a promise of light.

I felt the scented silk brushing my lips,

and my mouth watered with desire for more.

Come as you may, and vanish as you please,

For it is the scent of the blooms that lingers and fades,

In the memory of your embrace.



Le Dieu Terrible des Écrivains | May K. Hella

Architect of my mind,

Companion of my nights,

Holder of wisdom

And bearer of truths,

You will forever be by my side,

Whispering in my ear,

Fuelling my dreams,

And sparking the flame that ignites

My soul from within.


Fall Harvest | May K. Hella
Fall. My favourite season.  There is something about it that captivates me.  The cooler weather, the rich hues, the bounty  of the harvests. If only winter did not follow and linger on for months on end.


Bare Heart | May K. Hella

A sad heart

Does not harbour expectations,

For the sorrow of years passed has left scars in its wake

That never quite heal.

A humble heart

Knows little pain

For it is driven by

The littlest of needs.

A passionate heart

Knows no boundaries,

For it yearns for its needs

Like a lover for love.

Secrets of the Runes | May K. Hella




Harbingers of change

Keepers of secrets.

Hallowed mystery engraved within stones,

Veiled revelations

That confer no right,

Nor wrong.

Odin’s eye may see what

Freyja’s lips may speak;

Reveal what Frigg, in her wisdom, may keep.




Unfold your secrets,

Speak of dreams,

Say no evil,

But hold promises of hope.


Secrets of the Soul | May K. Hella

The secrets of self

do not lay within the realm of

The unknown,

But rest,


Within the shadowy depths of the mind.

Listen to the flutters

Of your soul’s heart,

Abated and undermined by

Reality’s lashing hand.

Listen, and you will find

What you so desperately seek.

Listen, and you will find yourself.